What is a Tank Top? (or What is a Vest?)

What is a Tank Top? (Vest)

Tank Top Types

The A-Shirt Style

A-shirt is abbreviated for athletic shirt” because in activities like basketball and track-and-field activities it is often worn It is widely recognized as a tank top in the United States and Canada as well as the pejorative nicknames wife-beater, chicken tee, or dago tee.

In the United Kingdom, an A-shirt is regarded as a vest when used as a undershirt. In England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and areas of Hawaii, another word is singlet. In the Philippines, it is called a sando when used as a undershirt

It is called a sando-genji in Bangladesh and  the West Bengal State in India; it is called sando-ganji in other western countries of India. It is recognized as a banian in India and is widely used as a undershirt to absorb heat and stop it from penetrating into exterior garment layers.

In France, it is frequently referred to as a marcel after Marcel Eisenberg, who first began producing large-scale clothes for Parisian porters in the mid-19th century, or more officially a debardeur, meaning “docker,” “porter” or “stevedore.” But it’s just called a singlet in French-speaking Belgium.

A-shirts were traditionally used as undershirts in relation to sporting use, particularly with dresses and dress shirts. During very hot and/or wet conditions, they are sometimes carried alone without a jacket , mostly in North America where the climate is hotter and wetter in the summer Under very informal environments, a-shirts are often worn alone as lounge wear and/or when finishing a yard job or other tasks around the house.

The construction of an A-shirt is easy: for durability, the collar and armholes are often strengthened. One generally has big armholes and gaps around the  neckline that can extend down to the chest bottom.

Sometimes they are also produced long to create it simpler to tuck into a couple of jeans / shorts. They are bottonless, collarless, and pocketless in almost all instances. An A-shirt worn as a undershirt is produced of ribbed cotton and is intended for a narrow fit.

A tank top is a sleeveless shirt with a low neck and distinct shoulder strap length It received its name after one-piece 1920’s bathing suits worn in tanks or baths. Men and females both wear the upper garment.