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Our Story

What Do You Do?

Art Sketches Studio provide unique designs and quirky statements. Give the world a message about who you are, how you are feeling or just tell the world “your why”!

All of our product design are composed and created by our in-house team. We strive to take a quirky view to life and sometimes with big and bold messages, sometimes lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek.

We passionately feel that often the best communication is non verbal because our mission is to inject messages that resonate and capture your mood and outlook.

How Did You Get Here?

A while ago, my partner and I were looking for a specific tshirt. Just an ordinary shirt, nothing particularly special, complicated or arguably rare but we just couldn’t seem to quite find what we were hoping to.
Without question there’s are 1000’s of great designs from exceptionally talented individuals and companies out there, but for us, at that moment drew a blank.
You see it was the birthday of a very close friend, a friend whom is so dear to us and honestly the nicest person we know…but also the very definition of a geek! And so only the most special design would have done!
In the end we designed it ourself and he loved it! And so did everyone else, before long we were making creations for everyone we knew…be it a birthday, thank you or even farewell.
Just purely due to the reaction around us we thought; hey, maybe others might enjoy or find the very thing they”d been struggling to obtain.
And so…Art Sketches Studio was born!

Contact Us

Please contact us below with any questions or to just make contact – Its good to talk!